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Two Layer Laminates

We are a leading name in the field of offering competitive solutions for two layer laminate packaging. Here, the growth of flexible packaging industry has increased market demands of quality two layer laminates and our technically sound facilities allow us to successfully handle the emerging demands of these composite structures.

Process :

  • Laminating is process where two or more flexible packaging webs are joined using bonding agent
  • Here, the substrates that make up webs can comprise of films, papers or aluminum foils
  • In the process, adhesive is applied to less absorbent substrate web and after that second web is pressed against it so as to produce two-layer laminate

Two Layer Laminates

Two Layer Laminates

Type- 1 Type- 2

Why Two Layer laminate :
In the flexible packaging industry, there are many applications where single layer packaging does not suffice the packaging demands as these may not be assisting in safeguarding the properties of the products being packed. Hence, for meeting the specific packaging requirements, a composite comprising two layers of material are used as a laminate to provide desired performance in the packaging solution delivered.

Uses of Two Layer laminate :
Two layer laminate production solution is used by us in areas where end products being packed inside need properties like :

  • High tensile strength
  • High gas permeability

With these multi-layer laminates generally functioning as barrier films, these can be provided with distinct individual characters as desired by the customers.

Some of its end usages include :
Edible Oil Packing Vanaspati
Milk Curd Butter milk
Salt Atta

Product Features :
  • Leading manufacturers of co- extruded films
  • Films made using latest plant & machinery support
  • Quality raw material used that offers superior seal strength and hot tack properties
  • Packaging has superior dart impact for withstanding demanding transportation situations
  • Three layer films structured with combination of polymers that can be customized as desired by customers
  • All lamination films come with tight tolerances so as to successfully meet specific end use application
  • Superior bonding strength and excellent seal property


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