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Semi Stand up Pouch

We also have with us rich industry experience in successfully coming up with semi standup pouches. These stand up pouches are developed using multi-layer barrier films that saves the products packed inside from possible contaminants like moisture and air. Further, depending on the end packed product requirements, we can offer the semi stand up pouch with or without re-closeable zipper seal option. Here, we can deliver these pouches in a variety of shapes and size options. Among many benefits, one of the main benefit provided by these semi stand up pouches include its saving the shelf space at retailer’s end as well as offering high opportunity for branding and merchandising at reduced costs.

Semi Stand up Pouch

Semi Stand up Pouch

Semi Stand up Pouch

Type- 1 Type- 2 Type- 3

Stand Up Pouch Options :
With the semi stand up pouches differentiated on the basis of following three fundamental measurements - width, height, and bottom gusset, some of the options available in these include :

Bottom Gusset :

  • The bottom gusset is additional material at bottom of pouch that provides in it capacity for expansion
  • The bottom gusset of pouch can be offered in different style options including
    • Round Bottom Gusset comes with edge of gusset welded to sides of supporting walls, thus providing the package extra strength as well as providing it the necessary support to stand up
    • K-Seal Bottom Gusset is used where product exceeds a certain weight and comes with seals on both sides that rise at 30-degree angle from bag. This helps in taking the weight stress off seals as well as allows additional volume of storage space
    • Plow Bottom Gusset are also known as corner seal and is made one piece of film, making it popular with manufacturers of granular products like sugar

Closures :
Semi Stand up Pouches can be supplied by us in forms including :
    • Open
    • To be heat-sealed following filling
    • With option of a closure applied
  • Closure can be offered in form of press-down zippers in one/two tracks or slider zipper for resealing usage
  • Hermetic zippers can also be offered depending upon the product that needs to be packed

Specifications :
  • Bottom gusset provision for more volumes in same height and width
  • ‘v’ Notch provision for easy tear
  • Die punched handle for easy carrying/hang-up display
  • Attachments like spout, easy pour seal profile and rope handle provided
  • Zip lock & pilfer proof membrane seal option can be given
  • Suitable for powders up to 10 kgs, solids up to 4 kgs and pastes up to 1 litre


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